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2019-09-10, Day of the programmer 2019, Jönköping
Everyone’s talking about DevOps

2019-07-05, GoWayFest 3.0, Minsk
Devops <3 Go


2019-06-04, HiQ Smarter Bar, Norrköping
“Diversity Rocks!”, a talk on diversity in tech
2019-04-27, Global Azure Bootcamp 2019, Linkoping
DevOps in practice on Azure
2018-10-24, HiQ Smarter, Linkoping

Ditching the metal – An introduction to Go on Google Cloud Platform

2018-10-06, Go Stockholm Conference

Ditching the metal – An introduction to Go on Google Cloud Platform

2018-04-30, HiQ Code Club, Norrköping

Going serverless with Azure Functions

2018-04-21, Global Azure Bootcamp 2018, Linköping

Going serverless with Azure Functions

2016-11-23, HiQ Smarter, Linköping

Introduction to building chatbots in C# using LUIS



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  • Improving your productivity as a MacOS user April 21, 2019
    I love my macbook — I really do! It’s the single best laptop I’ve ever owned, with the only real contender being my now decomissioned Dell XPS 13.Most recently prior to switching to MacOS I spent a year or so running Linux as my primary OS and really grew fond of the productivity perks it offers if you […]
    Simon Aronsson
  • An introduction to Redux and Sagas Pt. 1 December 14, 2018
    What is Redux?Before we dive into redux and sagas, it might be nice to get some background. To quote the readme available over at https://redux.js.org/:Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript apps. It helps you write applications that behave consistently, run in different environments (client, server, and native), and are easy to test.Let’s try to dig […]
    Simon Aronsson
  • An introduction to Redux and Sagas Pt. 2 December 14, 2018
    (If you haven’t already; you most likely want to start with the first part of the article before continuing)In this part, we’ll set up a react app with redux and make it work with some simple actions. As I’m a big advocate of typescript and its superior readability; we’ll go ahead and use that as well.Creating […]
    Simon Aronsson
  • As the sprints stops - Summer reads for lazy days away from the keyboard July 22, 2018
    Picture by Presley RoozenburgI confess, besides being a comic buff I’m also an avid reader of business and tech literature. Usually, my summer routine consists of piling up on books, novels and comics that I never get around reading during the more hectic part of the year.I strongly believe that this habit is a huge factor […]
    Simon Aronsson